British Airways offer a direct service from London Heathrow to Grand Cayman operated by a brand new fleet of comfortable 777 aircraft. Alternatively, you can fly to Miami and then catch a short 1hr30mins flight with our national carrier Cayman Airways or with a number of other airlines. This option takes a little longer but can often be more affordable.
British Airways Holidays offers a wide range of accommodation options and convenient direct flights. But there are lots of tour operators who package holidays in Cayman, many of whom cater for special interests such as diving, other watersports and bird-watching.
There is a huge choice of accommodation options available, especially on Grand Cayman - everything from bijou guesthouses to international and boutique resort hotels, family villas, self-catering apartments and dive lodges. You’ll find links to lots of accommodation providers on
Island hopping is an exciting part of any experience in Cayman and is easily arranged using Cayman Airways Express inter-island services which operate several times daily. Not only are these flights very affordable, they are a little adventure in themselves as you will be flying in a 16-seat Twin-Otter aircraft in which you’ll be sitting right behind the pilots. Visitors consistently tell us that getting over to the sister islands was one of the highlights of their trip to Cayman.
If you are a British citizen travelling from Great Britain or Northern Ireland you don’t need a visa to visit us.
In Cayman we have our own currency, the Cayman dollar, which is issued in notes with denominations of CI$100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 and coins valued at 25 cents, 10, 5 and 1 cent. The US dollar is also widely accepted throughout the islands. CI$1.00 equals US$1.25 or, the US dollar equals CI $.80.
Of course! We would love to share your special day with you. Couples can marry the day they arrive in the Cayman Islands. You must first arrange for a marriage officer within the Cayman Islands and apply for a special marriage licence for non-residents granted by the Governor. Your wedding planner can arrange this for you.
We’d say anytime. But then we are biased. In truth, the best time depends on what you are looking for. If it’s sunshine and warm tropical seas then you are in luck all year round. In July, August and September you can expect some wet weather which is usually contained to a couple of hours in the afternoon. For the rest of the year it’s usually dry and sunny. The islands are at their busiest during the high season, which is considered to be December to April. If you are coming to dive, fish or watch wildlife you may want to check with your host to plan your visit to coincide with the arrival of certain migratory species.
If you’d like to contact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, please email:
If you’d like to receive a Cayman Islands information pack, please send your full name and address (including your post code) to:
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